Start Protecting Your Stuffs: Download Carbon Copy Cloner

Have you ever thought about what could possibly happen if you ever lose all your files? If you think it could be problematic or something you do not want to occur, then you need to back up your hard disk. Download Carbon Copy Cloner to protect your files. This data backup application is being used in different businesses to backup or make an exact copy of individual files or an entire disk.

The best way to protect your files from accidental deletions or sudden hardware malfunctions is to back them up to an external media. It could be to a USB drive, external Firewire or to another hard disk drive. It is imperative to select media that will allow you to boot your Mac computer from the backup. Not only will a bootable backup give you easy means to verify your backup’s fidelity; it will also let you regain productivity instantly if ever a disaster strikes.

Instead of spending time restoring your operating system and data, just boot from the back up you created and then continue doing business. You should understand the importance of having a backup. Carbon Copy Cloner can help you with it. This powerful backup tool is filled with helpful features. Backing up your hard disk is very simple too. With clean interface, you can surely move in and around the application to perform backup tasks.

You can backup your files anytime you wish to. Once you have done Carbon Copy Cloner download, you can set the application to do backup tasks on a weekly basis – or could be everyday if you would want to! It is all up to you when you want the application to perform a backup task. The program offers a simple means to migrate to another hard drive. You will appreciate this more when you have misplaced or lost your installation DVD of Mac OS X.

Backing up files and hard disk is fast and smarter. Carbon Copy Cloner will allow you to exclude folders and files from a task and protect files that are already on your selected destination volume. Maintaining archives are not a problem too as Carbon Copy Cloner will take care of maintenance. Furthermore, you can restore non-system files. The process is almost identical to that of the backup. You can even restore the whole volume, which includes system files.

All that being said, almost anyone can conclude that the backup application indeed has great features. Other notable features of Carbon Copy Cloner include the following:

  • Better offsite protection of data
  • Disk to disk cloning support
  • Backup data to another Mac on across the Internet
  • Disk image backing up of data with optional encryption
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to understand back up indicators
  • Better handling of unreadable files
  • Protective configuration advice
  • Professional troubleshooting guidance if ever hardware errors or malfunctions occur

Download free software Carbon Copy Cloner and start saving your stuffs and productivity! You will be glad you protected your data.

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